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Conservative Care Specialists

Your Leader in Pain and Addiction Medicine
Enhancing Life. Excelling in Care… Our physician specialists are committed to diagnosing your pain and utilizing the most effective treatment methods to restore you to an optimal level of care, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle. Conservative Care Specialists believes that pain management and addiction medicine require a multidisciplinary treatment approach. Treatment options may include precision injections, behavioral therapies, physical therapy, medication management and addiction medicine treatment. We take the time to explain each procedure or pain relief treatment in detail, so that you understand not only what we will do and how we will do it, but also why we’ve chosen that specific pain treatment option. We service patients in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley and the Inland Empire.


Our specialists will tailor the treatment that most fits your medical needs. There is no standard way when treating our patients. We accept Worker Compensation, Personal Injury, Medicare and PPO’s.


It is important to retain personal freedom. Being in pain can be debilitating. We champion independence and do our utmost to help restore and maintain functionality. Our physicians are experts in treating Pain and Addiction Medicine patients.


Offering chronic pain patients hope through a structured Functional Restoration Program (FRP). Committed patient will increase physical functioning, improve pain-coping skills, and promote their return to a productive lifestyle.

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